Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Harvest: The Brassicas

We finally had a warm and sunny yesterday, 81° F, and with an expected high of 86° over the next several days, we made our early morning rounds in the garden. It was a major harvest day for the Brassicas: broccoli, Cauliflowers Graffiti, Cheddar and Snow Crown, Cabbage Stonehead, and the various types of kale. (The slugs were horrific, but I managed to pick most of them off the cabbage and cauliflower leaves and send at least 60 of them to slug hell. Placing them in a sink filled with cold water and a little salt, brought the remaining ones out.)

We shared one of the beautiful white heads of cauliflower with a neighbor, another was made into cauliflower soup, three were cut into florets, blanched and frozen, and I see Roasted Cauliflower in the not too distant future with the remaining head. Today I shall tend to the kale and cabbage.

We hope you had a safe, fun-filled 4th of July
and that you took a moment to ponder the meaning.