Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vince Gill Concert and Meet and Greet

A wonderful array of music, from country to Grand Ole Opry to just plain fantastic jammin' and with eight outstanding backup artists; add a few good stories, a great wit, one personable fella, full of vitality, one who connects and interacts with his audience with his charm and smiling eyes, and you have Vince Gill.

I must admit that country music has not been at the top of my list of listening music, but this gentleman may change my mind, (wink) for he is a class act: a man who clearly loves his music, a voice so pure and beautiful, a world-class guitarist, and one who has surrounded himself with amazing musicians.

The concert was a half hour late in starting, but only due to some difficulty he had with his connecting Chicago flight. Once he arrived on stage, it was one song after another and that continued for two hours! Should you have the opportunity, he is a must see.

Occasionally my son George sees Vince, so when I called to say we had purchased tickets to his concert at Lincoln City, OR, he said, I'll try and arrange a 'meet and greet' with him for you. And so it happened.

Following a dynamic concert and considering how tired he must have been, a gracious Vince Gill came out to meet and greet the small group. We told him of some muffins I had made for him and the guys for their morning coffee, and that we had given them to Bennie (his guitar tech) earlier in the afternoon. We thanked him for taking the time to see us.

If you haven't heard Vince Gill sing, here is one you might enjoy.

I Still Believe In You

Note: although there were no restrictions concerning cameras, I chose to not use any flash for the photos.