Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saying Goodbye To Robert

As many of you know we got four baby chicks this past spring with the promise that we might have our own fresh eggs some time before fall. But then we decided why not buy two hens that are already laying in the interim, and so we did. We built an enclosed run and separated it so the two older ones could be on one side, and when the little ones outgrew their brooder, they could be placed in the other section. They have been coexisting with the older ones for some time now.

We have enjoyed seeing them grow and stretch their wings over the past 13 weeks. Rosie, the Buff Orpington, seemed to be growing faster than the other chicks, and was actually taller than the Buff hen we had purchased.

Several weeks ago we heard what appeared to be a crow, and my husband said, That's the rooster next door.

Hm, not so sure, because it sounded closer than that. Of course you have guessed the rest of the story: he had begun to crow on a regular basis and was now chasing the girls around. Since our intention was not to have a rooster, we decided to sell him. Yesterday I placed an ad and by evening had received a phone call.

Early this morning we put Robert in the brooder and met a wonderful family of four, two beautiful children who loved talking about their chickens; and a lovely young lady and her husband who smiled and listened as she translated the conversation between us. They too had recently gotten little chicks and were raising them along with laying hens and were looking for a rooster that was gentle. Yes, they wanted Robert.

She began to hand me the money, but I shook my head. You can have him. The smiles that followed were payment enough.What a great start to our day!

One more story

Over the years friends of ours have been rescuing feral kittens that show up in their hay barn or behind a wood pile, and successfully, they have found loving homes for them. Well, she did it again: the feral mother cat had another litter of 5. We decided to take one to foster until we could find a good home; within two days she was gifted to a single working mother and her 16-year old daughter.

I called them the following day, and the mom said, "My daughter loves the kitten and they have bonded beautifully." That eased my concern, but each time I see these photos I can't help but wish we had kept her. However, I remind myself that there will always be many that need a home.