Monday, June 11, 2018

Mountain Quail

Failure to get around to one of my tasks sometimes yields a wonderful reward. One of our raised beds in the garden is filled with herbs_ cilantro, parsley, thyme, tarragon.... and of course several offerings that either the wind or the birds have planted.

I had every intention of cutting the thyme back in the early spring as it draped itself over the edge of the bed. Today was the day to at least do a partial trim.

I don't know who was more frightened? She flew from beneath the cover and I stumbled backwards, gaining my balance and composure, then laughed.

Carefully the thyme was lifted and beautiful was the clutch of 21. She and her guy must have been strutting about for some time with this accomplishment.

We went back several days later in hopes of capturing the little ones, but to our dismay they were gone_ all of them.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Thursday, December 29, 2016

An Overplayed Hand

Because of the ice storm we experienced, our friends across town asked if we needed assistance with the cleanup_ helping right fallen trees, cutting branches, and stacking logs and brush that would be hauled away at a later time.

Conveniently, they have a man who works for them once a month in the garden, and has done that now for several years since he lost his job at the plant where he had worked. Our friend said, “he has a family and really needs the work and charges $100 for the day. If you could use him, I know he would appreciate it. Also, if you want you could feed him lunch.” $100 for 6 hours amounts to a healthy $16.66/hour, but that would be helpful for us all. Agreed, and she would call to make the arrangements.

Jamie arrived at 8:30 and to our surprise with another person in tow, and without first having asked if he could bring someone else. He was a young lad, his nephew, and so we thought why not, two more hands would be helpful and he could probably use some money for Christmas

My husband and I worked right alongside, and the morning went smoothly and with good progress despite the young man (whose only job was to pick things up and stack) would pick up a few things, then stand back and watch until urged by his uncle to do a little more.

When we called it a day, and Jamie said he could come again tomorrow and also the following week for a few days, we were pleased and thankful. We handed both him and his nephew their money. Jamie looked at the folded currency, counted it, looked up at me while shaking his head and said, No.
What’s wrong?

With indignation, he said, Not enough! I want $30 an hour.


$30 an hour. That’s what I get when I do other jobs.

We were told it was $100 for the six hours.

They told you that?! No! No!

Astonished and silent as my husband and I looked at one another. We said we would go get more money, turned and started toward the house and heard him say, “Wait, for you I will do it for $25.”

After they were paid and they left, we called our friends and told them to call him and say we wouldn’t need his services any longer. They were appalled, embarrassed… could not believe what had happened. My friend said, Teachers don’t make that much! Electricians don’t make that much! We are so sorry.
Listen, it is not your fault

We all make mistakes. But this person clearly overplayed his hand.

As of today, three trailer loads gone and the place is beginning to take shape. A little bit each day, one day at a time, and she will be looking great once again. Patience.