Sunday, March 11, 2007

Specimen Trees for Enjoyment

It was supposed to rain the past two days in the northwest; instead yesterday was a beautiful day for work in the garden, ranging from 50 to the low 60’s, perfect for trimming, weeding, and deciding where a few shrubs and additional ornamental grasses would be placed.

Currently it is 76 degrees! and as I wilt in the heat, the decision was to come inside to share the blossoms of the day with you. In the distance Prunus cerasifera ‘Thundercloud’ grows 20-30 feet high and wide and the dainty blush pink blossoms are now present until the deep purple foliage appears on this plum tree. A great shade tree, it loves the sun and the leaf color remains true throughout the season.

The Magnolia stellata 'Star' literally burst open today. White fragrant blossoms now adorn this 15-20’ high deciduous beauty and serves as a stunning backdrop to Carrie, one of our ladies in the garden. Should we get another cold spell accompanied by winds, which is likely, the blossoms will be short lived. Therefore, we try to participate in the delicate scent on a daily basis.

Close your eyes and try to imagine the wonderful fragance of this beautiful tree.