Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just a Window?

When we purchased our current home over 14 year ago, we did some face lifting: new carpeting, paint, updated lighting and tile in the kitchen, and we added another range top in the center island opposite one which still remains. Our question was always, "Why would we want to face the cold hard tiled outside wall while cooking... why would the Jenn-aire not be positioned in such a way as to enjoy our guests who always belly up to that island or to be able to view that beautiful westerly coastal range?"

For years we have bantered about putting another window in the kitchen in order to take advantage of the city and the easterly view. So, we finally did.

We had guests the other evening, and since they did not mention the new window they faced, we asked how they liked it. There was an unusual response of silence, until finally, "Wow, I can't imagine it not being there." And neither can we.

There is however one problem: I think we now must move the sink to be under the new kitchen window and put the older range top down where the sink is now.