Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

What a glorious day!

Some family is sharing this week with us and our spirits are aligned: arise early, a cup of freshly brewed coffee, work out, swim a bit, quiet conversation while relaxing in the hot tub, and a light breakfast to follow.

The telephone rings and calls are placed back and forth as we exchange our greetings and well wishes with children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins!

And yesterday we received wonderful news from our dear friends: their daughter-in-law had arrived safely from Iraq via Kuwait... Ireland... Maine... and was finally in Colorado where she would finally be met by her husband. Likely they will have to stay there for a little while as the snow comes tumbling down, and that sounds like a good thing with her having been gone for 15 months. Alleluia!

How truly blessed we are to live in this country and enjoy the freedoms we have.

We hope you all have made it a special day.