Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not in 97 Years

Yesterday as I sat at the computer and glanced outside my studio window, I did a double-take as the falling petals from our Magnolia stellata appeared as snowflakes.

This morning however, there is no doubt. Although most of the snow has now melted and the blossoms of the weeping cherry (Prunus subhirtella var. pendula) appear to be intact, we awoke to 32 degrees and a snow-covered garden. Another 6 inches is forecast in higher elevations, adding to the base at ski resorts.

Today marked a record: not in 97 years (April 11, 1911) have we had measurable snow this late in April. And since the temperature is expected to be in the high 20's by tomorrow morning (over 50 years since that happened), we best cover those vegetables which have already been planted.

Hmm. . . must be global warming. Not.

George Taylor, the director of Oregon's Climate Service, who is responsible for monitoring and predicting the state's weather, has "retired". Taylor has a master's degree in meteorology and has been Oregon's climatologist since 1991. In an interview this week, he stated that we have actually had global cooling from 1934 to 2007.

Well, don't present facts to Oregon's Democrat Governor Ted Kulongoski (former attorney and career politician), who stripped George Taylor's title and who has his own ideas about global warming. It seems Kulongoski has named a task force to support his personal agenda, and oh by the way, they will be housed in the same place that Taylor vacates.

And despite scientific facts against the warming of the earth, Al Gore will not be dissuaded as he flies around the country in his fuel-burning jet in support of his recent massive $300-million-dollar campaign blitz. The indoctrination of global warming is about to get in full gear.

So there you have it. You vill believe in it even though the scientific facts are showing otherwise!

Guess that's enough for today. . . they are laying tile in our kitchen at the moment, and surely they are in need my supervision.