Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Internet, But Quail!

We have had no internet connection for most of the week and are uncertain as to our alternatives. Our provider for over 4 years, Clearwire, has just transitioned to 4G, the powerful and super fast internet service. They are so powerful that we will no longer be covered within their range, so the salesman told me yesterday when I paid them a visit. Figure that one out. Needless to say, we are not very pleased. Our alternative? We're working on that. In the interim, we have some fantastic news.

California and Mountain Quail and Brood

I happened to look out the window early yesterday morning and lo and behold there she was walking slowly uphill along the path below the bank of ground cover, when suddenly a little body appeared behind her, and then another... I ran to get my camera and quietly went out the door.

By then she had turned back down the hill and moved into the lavender which lines a path on the east side of an embankment just below the house. She looked at me, and as the little ones began to venture forth, gently and quietly ushered them back into the cover of lavender. Such a good mom.

I tried staying out of sight and followed from a distance, but she had them scurry along. There are two center left and four center right that I can discern in the photo below. I felt fortunate to get these for they moved so quickly!

Then this morning right outside my studio window and on the west side of the house, there was mama Mountain Quail.

I cannot help but laugh out loud at the little ones lying on the ground. Are they not simply adorable!?