Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fog, Band-tailed Pigeons, July Harvest

This morning as the fog danced across the treetops,

the Band-tailed Pigeons roosted upon branches of the Madrone in the distance.

It feels like the beginning of fall to me. How can it be, for our summer has been so limited? May was cold and rainy as was the month of June, but July brought forth summertime.

Earlier in the year and for the first time, I saw these large birds descend upon the outlying and towering Douglas Firs on the neighbor's land, but in the past several weeks they have taken to swooping into our garden. In flocks they fly, descending upon the beech, resting, then come in for a quick drink of water at the bath, fly off, only to return somewhat later.

An interesting looking bird with yellow legs and feet and a yellow beak with a black tip. The adult has a white collar at the nape and below an iridescent green patch. Click to enlarge and view the lovely coloring: the soft gray, purplish head and underparts, and a lighter banded tail. I do believe he (or she) is quite handsome.

When I returned from the pool this morning and came up our driveway, I disrupted their sojourn at our pond... 15 or 20 of them. I may have to rethink how much I like them. (wink)


The garden continues to produce, and lovely is all the color.
The tomatoes are way behind, apparently due to the wet and colder than normal June, but all else does not disappoint.

July Harvest Total = 82.74 lbs
Year to date = 167.88 lbs

Asparagus 0.5 lb
Basil 0.25 lb
Beans Fin de Bagnol .6 lb
Beets Crapaudine 1.0 lb
Broccoli Packman & Piracicaba 3.75 lb
Broccoli Romanesco 0.6 lb
Cabbage Red Acre 2.2 lb
Cabbage Stonehead 11.33 lb
Carrots Nantes 3.11 lb
Carrots Purple Dragon 0.5 lb
Cauliflower Bishop 2.02 lb
Celery Giant Red 8.6 lb
Cilantro 1.0 lb
Garlic Chesnok Red 0.25 lb
Fennel 3.3 lb
Kale 2.9 lb
Leeks 0.5 lb
Lettuce 2.89 lb
Marionberries 21.95 lb
Potatoes Rose Finn 2.1 lb
Sugar Snap Peas 4.39 lb
Swiss Chard 3.55 lb
Tomatoes Stupice 2.2 lb
Onions Texas Sweets 2.0 lb
Onions Walla Walla 1.25 lb

I hope your harvests are bountiful.