Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Waning Harvest and Blue Moon

Sunday morning: 35 degrees F and with a forecast of below freezing during the coming week, we headed to the garden to disconnect hoses and finish draining water lines. In the distance the Ginkgo biloba stands tough.

One remaining tomato plant was pulled. Does it not know that which is coming?

Shall we cut back the beautiful blossoming Piracicaba broccoli?

Produce picked: salad greens 0.5 lbs; broccoli 0.8 lbs; kale 4.8 lbs

And look what deposited its eggs upon the underside of some of the kale. I carefully scrutinized each leaf, and it appeared that those infected were at the outer edge of the raised bed. Once inside the kitchen, and just in case I overlooked some, all the leaves were soaked in a cold salt water solution to insure that everything was okay and rinsed several times.

We finished our work shortly after noon, and the rain began.

Monday continued with rain, clouds, and fog and did not allow us to see the Blue Moon in all her glory, but...

this waking morning, a cold 28 degrees, fairly clear sky and an inch of snow, brought a smile to my face. Waning yes, but the pleasure is still there.

and just a few hours ago...

Pete and I wish you and your family a happy and healthy and thankful Thanksgiving. May God be with each of you.