Thursday, December 16, 2010

SkyWatch and Family Affairs

In order to get to this evenings beautiful sunset, we first had to venture through quite a variety the past ten days: gray and overcast to heavy rainfall and mid-40 temperatures; a delightful surprise with several days of 62 degrees, sunshine, and an opportunity to work in the garden; wind, rain, and cooler temperatures once again, and plans to travel to see family; 2 inches of precipitation over a three-day period, hydroplaning while traveling north as geese fought the elements flying south...

... our granddaughter's basketball game (Megan scored four for the team!);

dinner with family, and birthday celebrations. (honey I won't tell them how old you are... wink)

Dinners with friends; and this morning we awoke to a freezing 30 degrees F.

But tonight as we come in from the garden, we are granted this.

For beautiful skies from around the world
Thank you Klaus, Sandy, Wren, and Sylvia for hosting this

PS: I can only imagine that you are busy as we this month of December,
and hope you are all doing well