Sunday, July 5, 2015

Unseasonably Hot June

June 2015
Who would have guessed that June temperatures would be in the high 90's and fast approaching 100 so early in the month of June? Low to mid 70's is the average this time of year!

Temperatures soared to record-­breaking heights throughout the month and some of the garden did not like it a bit. Having said that, some of the vegetables are thriving as are the fruits. So we won't complain, but deal with the hand dealt.
Brandywine tomatoes on the vine
Apples comin' on
San Marzano
Kousa Dogwood is loaded as usual

R. Graham Thomas
Strawberry time
NO, not my Savoy!
Cabbage White Butterfly Larvae
B. Early Snowball
Pickled Cauliflower
Friends tour the garden... wonder what's down there
Yes! she filled the feeder

Japanese Iris Diomedes

Climbing Rose Eden
Japanese Iris time

R. 'Mozart'
Rosa glauca
Buddha and Thyme

it's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's... a drone
Purple Podded Heirloom Pole Bean

From garden to table_ Purple Podded plus a few Lazy Housewife
sit a spell

Cotinus Golden Spirit and R. Summer Wine
R. Wenlock outside the Tea Room
from inside the Tea Room

Beet harvest_ Beet, kale, walnut, spring onion and goat cheese Salad

Ruby throated hummingbird

Lavender Time


Perhaps some table grapes this year
Finally planted a peach tree
 waiting for pears
south garden

The Artistry of the early morning sun