Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's Almost Here

Step outside. A slow deep inhalation while closing ones eyes, tells me it's here. Not only do you smell it, but you can feel... fall is in the air, and a welcoming time of year for me.

August was the usual warm month in the Pacific northwest, and happily we had a few days with some rain, but our standard fare is generally hot and dry. In years past we have gone as long as three months without a drop of rain in the summer, so an occasional bit of moisture is an absolute welcome, and because of this climate, our garden has been transformed over the years from 'oh, let's plant this beautiful specimen' to 'how drought tolerant is this one?' (An interesting factoid from the site of historical local climate data shows that in 1939 the temperature in mid September was a high of 91 and a 53 degree low. Sixty-eight years ago, it was about the same. Hmm.)

Daytime temperatures hit 90 just the other day and 50 for the nightly low, a 40 point differential, which is normal. Thankfully we have had some overcast days this past week, allowing our summer sun-stressed garden to enjoy a bit of a respite. And despite no watering on our part for several weeks, the plants look pretty dang good this evening.

As we walk along the garden paths, the Cupressus sempervirens 'Swane's Golden' puts on its best display with this evenings light.

Remember when I wrote about the dogwood on June 29? Seems it just won't quit. Even as the berries have formed throughout the tree, we still have some blossoms appearing.

The Datura flourishes on a gravel path, and the beauty of this no water required species stops me in my tracks as I explore the remarkable green throat within the beautiful and distinctive trumpet shaped blossom...

and the delicate flowers of Nicotiana sylvestris await at the paths end and point us back into the garden proper once again, where the electric color of the Fuchia presents itself so eloquently in the coolness of the shade.

This evening bids us adieu as we look out over the valley, and we are filled with thoughts of a wonderful day, a pleasurable experience of which we are proud to have been a part, and thankfulness... for we are blessed.