Sunday, September 23, 2007

Trade for a Gazebo

While sitting in the gazebo this morning and having a morning cup of coffee, our discussion centered around making choices. We make them every moment of every day, and over the long haul everything seems to work out for the best, at least in our minds.

Some time ago my husband and I were introduced to timeshares by very dear friends of over thirty years. Joe and Ann asked us to join them for a week at one which they owned, a two bedroom en suite with kitchen-dining-living room that overlooked the golf course. Since we are in the Pacific northwest and they in Florida, we did not get to see them often, so it was a week of great enjoyment, catching up so to speak, and in such beautiful and spacious surroundings.

After we returned home, they sent us an email indicating they had found a week of a timeshare we could purchase on the secondary market and it was a bargain. We bought it, in fact, we purchased two more after that, and over the past 10+ years have taken advantage of escaping the pacific northwest rain for California sunshine, and have always had family and friends come along and share it with us. Wonderful times and memories!

But as rates have continued to increase, special assessments and taxes, we had to reassess whether this was still a good value. When annual fees seemed fairly reasonable per week of ownership, "yes, it is worth having", but as the three year special fees became part of the permanent structure and as we could see the weekly cost per unit nearly doubling, we had to reevaluate.

We have often spoken of building 'a screened room off our kitchen'. Having researched the cost of one versus a gazebo, the latter proved to be more cost effective while serving our purpose. We so enjoy being outdoors, working in the garden and dining there. One of the beauties of the northwest is despite high summer daytime temperatures, the shade offers shelter and enjoyment of the cool breezes. Unbelievably and unfortunately, bees (yellow jackets) flock our way at the slightest scent of food, thus our eating has been restricted to indoors. Fortunately, the resort asked if we were interested in selling our timeshare.

A week in our timeshare or months of outdoor enjoyment in a gazebo overlooking the peaceful valley and mountains? Hmm. Let us think about that for a moment. OK!

We walk from the kitchen door directly into a lovely screened in area. Trade for a gazebo... great deal!

If you happen to be passing by, join us for lunch.