Monday, August 4, 2008

Last Night's Dinner

I must tell you we had the best dinner last night! It was simple. It was quick, and it was simple-y outstanding. Grilled salmon, zucchini, and salad, accompanied by an inexpensive but very nice Pinot Noir, and it was all prepared in less than 10 minutes. Move over Rachael Ray.

The fresh Pacific northwest Sockeye salmon was very lightly oiled with the Extra Virgin stuff, placed on a piece of foil (punctured), sprinkled with some lemon pepper, and grilled for about 7 minutes without turning. Of course, you should adjust your cooking time depending upon the fish weight and the grills BTU capacity. We cooked about 1 1/4 pounds on high. When it is removed from the grill, we cover with a piece of foil for several minutes, then slice and serve as it easily comes off its own skin.

At the same time, a fresh zucchini - picked from the garden that morning - was split lengthwise, also slightly oiled on both sides, sprinkled with the lemon pepper and grilled along side the salmon for the same time period, however, turned once to brown.

Salad: fresh lettuce and tomatoes from the garden with balsamic vinegar.

Last year we were introduced to Mirassou, a Pinot Noir that is under $10, and one which is quite palatable for our taste. Slightly chilled and served with the moist and sweet peppery salmon and freshly picked garden produce, it is a fine complement to the wonderful flavors of the entire meal experience.

Wow, writing about it makes me want that dinner again this evening.
Nah. . . we have some fresh Ahi that deserves the attention tonight.