Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Morning Mist Rising

We had a visitor today, but only for a brief period. As I sat at this computer and glanced out over the valley, I watched the dawn's morning mist rising, ever so gently, slowly rocking in its sea of expression, nestling into the cranny's of the hillside, changing the landscape before us and hinting of what is to come. . . that time of year for an altered state is before us.

Although we will still have temperature in the 80's, the days of light are becoming shorter and the evenings cooler. . . a welcoming time as the chill in the air precipitates bringing out an extra wrap.

A shadow crossed, and as I slowly turned my head, there he was, perched outwardly facing on the tricolored beech. Was he ready for breakfast or was he too enjoying the view of the valley? I sat very still as I watched the slight breeze ruffle his pale colored underbelly; the light and dark striped tail flitted as he turned toward the house, surveyed the territory around the deck, but finally flew off.

He comes on occasion and sits atop the weeping cherry, but today he appears to be cautious in his movement and surprisingly is quite close to the house. I have not been able to identify the type of hawk he is, but should I run across it, I'll be sure to convey his identity.