Saturday, September 13, 2008

Family Came To Visit

When family comes to visit, it is time for relaxation, fun, and simply the pleasure of one another's company, whether it is staying at home and enjoying the surroundings or venturing out for a bit of exploration.

Of course we walked in the garden, picked berries for this evening's dessert and baked fresh bran muffins with berries. Other family members came to visit to say hello to our niece from Michigan, and dinners were enjoyed in the gazebo overlooking a part of the garden. We had some quiet time, periods for reading, and had lunch at a favorite winery overlooking the valley and vineyards. There was always good conversation and a whole lot of laughing! And yesterday, although a bit disappointing, was still a great day.

Our niece had not been to the west coast, so we wanted her to experience the most beautiful coastline not far from us, and since it was over 80 degrees inland, we were anticipating the coolness of the air once we reached the Pacific.

It is generally an easy hour drive from our home to the first glimpse of white sand dunes which peer across a piece of the horizon and announce ones arrival. Down into the old part of town and along the river is a quaint and historical restaurant which serves a very fine lunch. Perfectly done calamari as an appetizer, fresh cod, oysters, salads and slaw, filled our tummies for the days journey.

Our first stop was along a jetty on which we planned to walk, but upon leaving the car realized the sand lay high above and over the entire structure, something we had never seen before, and as the wind whipped the stinging sand against our shins and cheeks, the decision was to return to the car and save the walk for another part of the journey.

As we headed northward, the fog began to teasingly dance about the highway, and with the continuing journey we wondered if those rays of sunshine would reappear. 57 degrees, and we were pleased to have brought along a sweater.

Several sites along the way could not be clearly seen, but suddenly a clear view of a bridge lay ahead, the blue sky offered an opportunity. . . several were going to test the cold waters of the Pacific to see just how cold it was.

As we ventured inland, the temperature increased a sudden 11 degrees within just 6 or 7 minutes. . . it would be hot by the time we returned home.

My brother called, and I told him of the day's events to include the bout with the fog and our disappointment that much of the coast was not as bright and sunny as we expected. . . to which he quickly replied, "Tell K she has likely seen all kinds of photos on calendars and books of the Pacific coast when the sun is shining, but not many as she experienced today! " He made me laugh out loud. Love that guy.

Home at last and a + 30 degrees. . . 87. Happy to be here and to have enjoyed this wonderful day with our niece.