Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We Dug Potatoes

We dug potatoes last evening, in fact, nearly a bushel of them. . . mostly reds, but some Yukon Golds. The irony is that last year our planting produced so few potatoes that we decided it was not worth the effort, so this year we chose not to plant any. Huh? It's true. We didn't plant them. I guess there were enough of the smallest tubers that remained in the ground and over wintered, and this year conditions allowed them to go gangbusters.

Earlier in the day we harvested a similar amount of pears. The past several days we found one or two on the ground, so we chose to remove them all from the two (dwarf) trees and for now place them in storage on the back covered porch. Soon I will package them and put them in the extra refrigerator, and many months of enjoyment will come from those beautiful fruits. Likely we will be do the same with our apples over the next several weeks.

We are anticipating the arrival of a niece this Saturday. I suspect we will continue to enjoy the bounty of fruits and vegetables from the gardens during the week while she is here. No stranger to a garden, her father has the family farm and although he should be retiring from that kind of life, still harvests fields of blueberries.

Another season is fast approaching. We anticipate the fall, but grudgingly so, only because of the bounty from our gardens.