Saturday, January 24, 2009

Clean-up Begins

We came indoors a short while ago after doing some garden cleanup. Let's go out for just an hour, we say, and one turns into two into three then four. Is that not the way it goes when you are engaged in that which you enjoy?

Needless to say my date with the elliptical did not occur. Bending and stretching and walking and hauling for 3-4 hours in the garden has the ole body looking for the comfort of a warm shower, simple meal, glass of wine and a soft sofa.

Many cut back all their plants in the fall, but we generally choose to wait until the late January to February timeframe as the birds delight in the seeds throughout the winter and any snow or ice and wind and rain present seed heads and foliage in an interesting light.

So the past several days found us cutting back some of the ornamental grasses and clearing the vegetable garden of a few remaining plants and weeds. Yes, weeds! They are prolific despite the unseasonably cold and freezing temperature we have had. And now the veggie garden is ready for the load of beautiful and seasoned manure we had delivered last weekend.

On occasion we laugh and tell a story: years ago some friends of ours, two couples, came for dinner. One of them (Thomas and Madeline) seems to be rather well-to-do; she loves jewelry, and he seems to participate in that desire. While walking in the garden we approached a load of manure and he asked what that was for. My husband told him that was my wish for Mother's day. Thomas quickly turned and yelled to his wife who was in another section of the garden, look Madeline, she doesn't want jewelry! and at which there was robust laughter. And to this day my husband's favorite line is it doesn't take much to make her happy, just a little manure now and then.

So today was a perfect day for the garden: no wind and about 40 degrees. Believe it or not, it is quite comfortable. We will take one flower bed at a time and soon a transformation will occur. Already little bits of green are emerging from beneath the winter's surface.

Wait til I show what Spring brings forth!