Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eagle Has Landed

Incredible! We cannot believe what is outside my studio window at the moment. He appeared about 10 minutes ago, and our hope is he may like being here, for we certainly love looking at him.

Windows line the wall to the left and right of my computer monitor, so each day I am aware of much of the outside movement: wind and rain, the fog moving across the valley, cats prowling in the garden, birds foraging for food, large turkey buzzards riding the air currents. . . and for the last several weeks my husband and I have remarked that our hawk has not been around. Perhaps he has found better pickings elsewhere, we laughingly remark.

How very exciting to have seen wings flapping atop the Douglas fir. I hastily collected the binoculars to identify exactly what had chosen to visit us this day. To my husband (in the next room), I whispered loudly, Come here! Hurry! You won't believe this. There he sat, like a little man in a tuxedo. . . the best view in this theatre. (Please click on the photo to enlarge. . . rather comical.)

This is all so unbelievable! We have never seen an eagle around here. How very exciting to think he gave us so much pleasure. I do hope he feels our welcome.