Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's In The Garden

Today marks the end of a quarter, one that seems to have passed too quickly. With Spring upon us and some warmer days, more transparent have been our feathered friends in the garden; a few of this weeks visitors included the handsome Rufous hummingbird, robins and finch.

Friday, our niece and her two lovely children came to visit, and
despite the rain we gathered our gear and strolled about the garden.
All looked well in the greenhouse.

Would you look at those potatoes!

Delicate and dancing are these low-growing Erythronium americanum
(fawn lily, trout lily) with its mottled leaves.

aquifolium, also known as Oregon Grape, adds brightness to the landscape.

A beautiful sunny Saturday and mid-60's allowed us to work in the garden way beyond the amount of time that we should have. Blossoming beauties: Clematis macropetala 'Blue Bird', Yoshino cherry, tulips

Yesterday, rain/thunder and 48 degrees forecast.
They might have considered looking out the window.

Tonight's low is estimated at below freezing. Hopefully these will be okay as we covered them over last night and will do so again this evening.

Today as I walked about the garden and enjoyed the beauty of the Muscari, Aubrieta deltoidea, Frittalaria meleagris (Snakes Head) and Tulips...

there is less concern for them than for the plum and pear blossoms.