Saturday, January 29, 2011

SkyWatch and Seedlings

Our weather this past week has been unseasonably wonderful: beautiful sunrises and sunsets, blue skies and with daytime temperatures of mid-50's to Thursday's high of 62 degrees (F). Spring is in the air, but much too early I fear.

Be sure to visit SkyWatch here
for beautiful skies around the world

Yesterday was the first day in nearly a week that I ventured outside; my enjoyment of our weather has been mostly from the confines of our home. It appears I developed a rather severe sinus infection, and subsequently a cough, but the battle is soon to be over (I pray), and I seem to be on the mend.

A word of caution: I had a similar experience last year during the seed starting period and while working with some organic fertilizers, so those are a possible suspect. Since we wear gloves and constantly wash our gloves and hands, I expect the next precaution is for me to wear a mask in the early stages.

Seedlings: Last week I transferred the little seedlings to their new home, the hoop house, and they all seem to be doing well: mesclun, butterhead lettuce, wild kale, spinach, broccoli, Nantes carrots, Early Golden Acres cabbage, Crapaudine beets... a few of this and that just to get started.

I hope you are all doing well.