Monday, December 19, 2011

Fine Art Winner!

Thank you all for your kind and generous comments and for participating_ you make it all worthwhile. I'm not sure who receives the most satisfaction from this, you (the winner) or me. Overwhelmingly people prefer The Train Station and it warms my heart to share this with you. What is it that draws people to trains and train stations? adventure, family history, romance, intrigue... ?

About The Train Station: I have always been attracted to buildings with character, those rooted in America and that could chronicle many tales. Abandoned two-story farm homes, old weathered barns, covered bridges, and this station I frequented, all fill me with wonderment and have been the subject matter for many of my drawings and paintings. I love the simplicity of line in this rendering, the solitude, and of course its historic value, and this was an attempt at preserving my memories of it on canvas.

This painting was begun in an attempt to enter a competition for a bicentennial calendar, but as the weeks progressed and the more I became absorbed, I forgot about the deadline. Additionally I failed to put the name of the town on the sign, and that proved fortuitous, as many people who have viewed the complete work since have commented, "I've seen that train station", but of course they may not have seen this particular one but rather one of similar design in a geographic part of the country.

My husband had the honor of pulling the names from my hat, and we thought we should select more than one. How exciting to say Congratulations to the winners!

Sherri, Little House in Paradise
Robin, The Gardener of Eden
Joey, The Village Voice
Larry of Big Dude's Ramblings
Pat Tillett Patricktillett.
Thank you all for participating! I have mailing information for Robin, Joey and Larry. Sherri and Pat, please contact me with your address? I will mail them out right after Christmas.

Thank you all again.

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