Saturday, November 17, 2007

Morning Thoughts of Friends

We awoke as most mornings, before many, with the quiet and darkness of the early day offering us our time of quiet study while enjoying our first cup of coffee.

A flash of light, the sound of thunder... wow, that's unusual..., the wind and a light rain began. With darkness now behind us, we decided to go back to bed, snuggle like newlyweds do, and something of which we do not often take advantage... enjoy a lazy sort of morning.

With my husband's arms around me and from our bedroom windows we watched the dance of nature, the wind brushing against the waltzing firs as they swayed with refinement and in unison, to and fro, side to side, and with the precision of the Viennese. The fog swept effortlessly through the leafless branches, rolled forward, then tenderly swept away to grace the next partner in its path while only the whisper of its presence remained. How beautiful is the richness of the dark sienna branches of the Madrone.

Wasn't everything about last night so enjoyable? It was a third in a series of quarterly dinners whereby we and two other couples, our close friends, rotate the event. Donna and Ray hosted the main course, Sharon and Ron brought appetizers, we made dessert, and each of us offered a very fine bottle of wine (or two) and all to complement that dinner.

What wonderful friends we have! How does that happen? To think that a group of us came together because of one person and that man is no longer a part of who we are. Thankfully he has gone onto other things, but we remain, a much smaller group, but one stronger as a result of what we went through together.

Are people simply put in our path and we have to decide whether or not a relationship is worth pursuing? Throughout our lives we encounter many through work and shared interests, enjoy one another, but go on about our ways. Among them there are those to whom we are suddenly attracted, a personality we enjoy, a strength we see, and some may have a certain scent about them... a chemistry is felt between you.

A true friendship is more than just opening a door. It is a gift. It is a mirror of who we are, those common interests, the values and morals which keep us together, a bond... they are like family, except they choose to be with you.

We often speak of all the friends we have, but truly those friends who really count in our lives are few. We do not take them for granted, and they have no expectation of us nor we of them, as conditions are not required. How easy it is to just be with our friends and to enjoy their companionship for simply what it is.