Thursday, November 22, 2007


Frost blankets our garden floor this Thanksgiving morning. Temperature registers 31 degrees as I gaze at the thermometer near the kitchen window. 'Think I may participate in an unusual event today... a nap.'

Yesterday was filled with some grocery shopping and advance preparation for today's dinner: cornbread was made as well as the cornbread stuffing; fresh cranberry and orange relish, enough to feed the neighbors; my pie crust dough awaits inside the refrigerator; the turkey luxuriates in the brine... and it is way too early in the morning to be doing this, but when the near full moon taps me on the shoulder and whispers 'just get up, brew some coffee and bake the pumpkin pies', there is no opportunity of returning to slumberland, so I comply. Absolutely, that's what most people want to be doing at 1:30 in the morning. (- O (that's me yawning with one eye still closed)

The pies are made, fresh broccoli is washed and trimmed, giblets have been cooked and diced for the gravy, yams are readied for the iron skillet, and the dried and oiled turkey awaits the oven's okay. I love to cook and especially so for those who appreciate it, and no food is wasted in our home for we enjoy our leftovers.

Several friends invited us to join them for dinner, but we decided instead to feed one of our hungry sons who decided to drive down to be with us. He had just finished his leisurely 8 mile run and instructed us to 'not hold back any butter or sugar.' We thought it would be fun to enjoy a rather low key day at home, and indeed it was!

My brother called from the east coast to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving, and the first thing he asked was, "And what are you thankful for this wonderful day?"

"First and foremost is my health, for without that all would not be the same, and secondly my family... our freedom and our friends."

For us, Thanksgiving does not represent pilgrims and football and shopping, but rather a reminder to recognize life's bountiful harvest and "give - thanks"... for my husband, our children, grandchildren and especially our parents and grandparents; our extended families and friends; for this country and the freedoms and privileges we so often casually accept; for the soldiers and officers who put themselves into harms way so that we may sleep peacefully at night; for our spiritual well being... for all the good in our lives...

... and each day may we find at least a moment of Thanks giving.