Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Happy Thanksgiving To You

Thanksgiving elicits an image of bounty, a table filled with a cornucopia of color and foods and around which family and friends come together. The gathering and sharing of a meal is an important moment and a traditional life's pleasure for all time. It is an opportunity for reflection and celebration of that which brings true meaning to our lives.

We are grateful to have the food that has been prepared but more importantly for our bounty of blessings: the warmth within our homes, good health, the love of a husband or wife, our children - their spouses - our grandchildren, families and friends, kindness of strangers, peace and joy which surround us. . . for those things we celebrate.

Last night I received a wonderful gift when a son called from a thousand miles away and filled my heart with joy. . . overwhelming are the words of my two and a half-year old grandson saying, "I love you gwamaw". Our soul's nourishment comes from goodness and love we share.

Today we will hear the voices of sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, aunts and cousins. . . and rejoice as we hold them in our hearts.

Take time to reflect upon that for which you are grateful. May you and your family be blessed with an abundance of joy, and feast in the health and love of those not just at your table but in your hearts. Thank God for our blessings and our forefathers for the freedom that we enjoy in this great country.