Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two Year Anniversary

We celebrated my husband's birthday this week, and following dinner as we lounged by the fire with two of our friends, my thoughts turned to another celebration. . . of course not as splendid as the one having been shared with my beloved, but a significant one I do believe.

Two years ago today marks the beginning of my writing this blog, StrasserTalk. My intention, as is still, was to write about day-to-day things, the economy and markets and as little politics as possible; family, friends and topics of interest - our travel and gardens; and hopefully bring a reasonable voice to some of the misleading articles and bias which exist, for sometimes you must speak out. . . and somebody's gotta say it.

Of late it seems we have been consumed and skewed towards politics, bailouts and crisis of markets and confidence, and as we approach the end of this year, my hope is that we will see more stability and therefore more balance in the atmosphere on these pages.

So thank you for occasionally taking time to visit, and I look forward to seeing you here as we continue to have a voice and attempt to figure out what is going on.