Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dark Times Ahead

The unusual snow, ice and freezing temperatures this time of year are now but this photo memory as we return to rain and 45 degrees. Seldom do we consider looking forward to rain in the winter months here in the Pacific northwest, for that is what it does in the winter, but we did in fact say that.

So this early morning finds us doing what we do and that is scanning and reading various online newspapers of the world in an attempt to understand what is going on around us. Quite an interesting perspective and forthright is the following article in Pravda online, Russian internet-based newspaper, regarding U.S. politics and the current situation.

Obama Dark Times Ahead

According to this editorial in, president elect Obama is a mystery, for questions as to who he is and whether or not he is even an American citizen have not been answered.

It is, to say the least, absolutely insane that someone about whom so little is known can be elected president of the US, still the most powerful country in the world, at least in a military sense. Therefore, it is a sad but eloquent comment on the state of US democracy.

There seems to be no difference between the two political parties for one only has to look at many of his cabinet selections, a seamless continuation of his predecessor's policies.

Obama is considered a postmodern politician, one who "... may adopt whatever policy, either because he feels like it himself, but more likely because his handlers tell him what to do... ".

As for Western World politicians: This race of spineless, adaptable politicians sits on top of a pyramid that is composed of individuals like them, also lacking in character. In other words, they are not real persons, just some kind of robots, like the Stepford Wives. You just push the right button and they'll do what you tell them to...

Upon assuming office, Obama will find himself at the head of a bankrupt country. Bankrupt in many senses: financially, socially, ethically, psychologically. The US has become the victim of its own destructive policies. It is now finally being confronted with the consequences of decades of stupidity and ineptitude
. . .

Rather curious that one finds this writing in Russia as opposed to being printed here in the U.S. (the freedom of the press country), for it is what many Americans think. Does it not seem that in this country there has been a transformation from journalism once defined as investigatory reporting, fact finding and reporting the truth, to having become a press that speaks with one voice, single-minded and with orchestrated agendas?