Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early Cold and Snow

The full moon peers inside my studio window this cold morning (35 degrees F), the same as it did yesterday when we awoke and found this beautiful picture patiently awaiting our attention. Hm. . . seems someone forgot to remove some tomato cages from a few of the raised beds. . . I'll put it on my list.

Snow and cold temperatures this early in the season is most unusual. Tomorrow's low is expected to be 16 degrees! Ouch. . . for the norm is to have only about one week of freezing during the entire winter.

Day before yesterday, December 12, the moon appeared 30% brighter and 14% larger for it was at its closest perigee in its oval orbit. . . as opposed to it being at apogee (farthest away).

As I write, the snow is nearly gone and should definitely be so shortly, as I watch what seems to be rain beginning its crawl from the coastal range toward the valley. Oops. . . seems we have more snow flurries.

Time to bundle up, stay warm, and say Happy Birthday to my friend Ginny! We think it's cold here, what do you think it's like in Minnesota?