Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Colors of Spring

Yesterday's temperature, 82 degrees F, was too hot, too fast, and a day for me to stay indoors. Today, back to a normal mid-60's, and that had me off to the garden.

I pruned back the old Marionberry vines and checked on the cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet peas... all of which seem to be doing very well.

The potatoes we did not plant, either this year or last, are seemingly healthy. Several years ago we planted seed potatoes and experienced such a small yield, we opted to not plant them anymore. But last year they decided to offer us an abundance nonetheless. If they want to be here, then who are we to argue? Such joy is found in the smallest things, especially when it is unexpected.

Onions and garlic are doing well, and oh yes, we have already had fresh asparagus, which we shared with friends the other evening. The green beans have emerged through the soil as have the beet leaves.

The raised beds closer to the house offer radish, spinach, mesclun, herbs. . .

while carrots begin to poke through, and we will soon experience that good ole fashioned Black Seeded Simpson lettuce.

Well it is time to head back toward the house, but first a pause to enjoy the vibrant color of the Spiraea and ground cover.

There is nothing quite like those colors of Spring.