Monday, April 20, 2009

Yesterday's Activity

Okay, I admit... my mind says you can keep on doing it, but my body says time to stop girl, and therein lies a battle. ;)

After yesterday's activity, admittedly, some Tylenol, Aleve, and a hot shower offered a bit of reprieve to all those aching areas I care not to mention. The worst was not the bending and stooping and digging, although that is cumulative, but add to that the heat of the day, and one must be very careful, and we were.

Our very dear friends' daughter K and her husband built a house last year, and we promised, when they were ready, to help put in a sprinkler system and add to their landscaping. Since last year we have been dividing plants from our garden and potting them up in anticipation of this effort.

So yesterday we gathered at 8:30, K's mom and dad, K and her husband, and of course, hubby and me. The girls unloaded the plants we brought and decided upon the first plant of attack: trimming the existing shrubs and relocating the roses.

K has been saving the roses used at her brother's wedding several years ago. As they had already been lifted from the ground, we could now easily cut them back, remove all the dead wood and plant them at the front of the property along the street. A small white picket fence will accentuate and border that area.

The guyz walked about the property, reviewed the drawing and parts list and evaluated their course of action. From one end of the grounds to the other, discussion and assessment made clear that all the parts were not there, and we all know about the best-laid plans... So off two went to gather more supplies while a third remained to do some prep work.

Six people and all with ideas could be troublesome, but it was not. We deferred to the property owners. The general course of action was you might want to think about this, and here are a couple of ideas, but you tell me what you want.

Except for this: git... of course I know what I'm doing! I am laughing out loud as I write this, for it did not occur. Photos are silent and therefore offer opportunity for captions and laughter. I even thought of a few for those two previous shots, but will leave that for your imagination.

Breaks in the shade, lots of liquid, time for lunch, good discussion, and so much laughter... made it a productive and fun day with friends. And we helped a fine young couple get a start with their new home and landscape. There is yet more to be done, but for another day.

And this morning, still a bit tired and sore, but refreshed and back to the coolness of our morning garden and thoughts of our landscape beginnings... when there was nothing here.