Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's Trek

We celebrated our first evening in the gazebo with a martini and an hors d oeuvre, artichoke tapenade with goat cheese on a multi-grain crostini. Several days ago we cleaned the structure of the dried leaves and winter debris, hosed the furniture, screens and deck, and it looks like new once again. We are now ready for the spring and summer season and meals overlooking the garden and coastline. Today we enjoy the lilacs as they begin to flower.

This morning while the yellow finches rejoiced atop the trees, I caught a glimpse of movement deeper into the garden, and again thought what are they doing here! This was the third day in a row, and I could not imagine why.

We are surrounded by thousands upon thousands of acres where the deer feed upon grasses and plants and roam freely and unrestricted. So why would they enter a 6 acre deer-fenced property?

Not a particularly easy task is to walk the fence line: the distance of walking is not an issue but where we have not created a path, the rocky soil and steepness of decline is quite cumbersome to maneuver, but we began at the northwest corner and walked slowly along the sloping hillside.

Quite arduous at times with dried leaves blanketing the surface, fallen branches, covered stones, a bit of slipping and sliding, but gradually we wound our way down, around and back up the ever-so-steep hill and to the east side and finally paused for a moment to enjoy the southern range.

There are a few barbed strands which will require tightening, but otherwise all seems to be intact. The final stretch past the pole barn shows a sign of weakness, but no deer tracks. One would think our neighbor's pasture would be more desirable for the creatures.

As we approached the gate at the main entrance, there was some evidence! There is room enough between the bars that the small one did squeeze through, while momma likely jumped the fence. Tonight's quick remedy will be to place some temporary wire atop that section in order to keep out, should she decide to do so tomorrow.

Two tired people tonight, but what a beautiful day it was!