Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Heading Out To Water

Heading out early this morning to do some additional hand watering before we hit 90+ degrees, but first things first. How can I pass by without first looking at the light shining through this banana leaf by the pond.

And what about me, asks the gladioli. I wouldn't pass you by either.

The fragrant 6' trumpet lily 'Black Dragon' cannot stand on its own and requires staking due to the weight of the blossoms. This particular plant seems to get darker with age.

While standing at the vegetable garden, hose in hand, I finally heard the call. I had wondered where they were. Would they hold still so I could get a good photograph? No. Only from a distance could I get this one. Caw caw caw. Caw caw caw, I answered.

Don't you just love that long black throat and charming forward curving black plume of the Quail. Very elegant!

We are headed out in the morning for a little rest, relaxation and exploration, but will be in touch again in a couple weeks and with many photos in hand. Be safe and we'll see you soon.