Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thyme In The Garden

Thymus vulgaris (TY-muss vul-GAIR-iss), native to the Mediterranean, was also used by ancient Egyptians for embalming, Ancient Greeks for burning incense and bathing, Middle Ages Europe as a sleep antiseptic, medicinal purposes... but we use it mostly as a culinary aid and to gaze and walk upon, to sink within its softness as we walk along this garden path.

A vast variety of thyme... English, lemon, orange, wild, silver..., but my favorites have to be this deep rose-colored creeping Mother of Thyme, Thymus serpyllum (ser-PIE-lum) and the soft gray-green Woolly thyme, Thymus pseudolanuginosus (soo-doh-lan-oo-gin-OH-sus).