Friday, July 10, 2009

What's Up

What's up you ask?

Daylilies, salvia, artemisia, campanula, ornamental grasses, physocarpus, geraniums, penstemon, roses, lilies, dahlias... blossoms surround us in the garden. But what's that way in the background that looks like corn, friends ask? Arundo donax (a-RUN-doh DON-aks), a blue-green reed and bamboo-like grass which thrives and requires no water in our garden.

However, Arundo donax 'variegata' is one of which I am particularly fond, but because we invite more drought tolerant plants to our garden, this likely will not see its potential 8-12 feet height due to an only once-a-week watering. Nonetheless, it shines with its creamy and green foliage.

To the left: those puffy pale pink clusters atop the gorgeous maroon-stemmed Ceanothus x pallidus 'Marie Simon', was started years ago from a very small cutting. This past winter took its toll on this once 7 foot beauty, and it appeared that we had lost it, but I do believe she chose to be here for she reigns again upon our rocky slope and dry summer conditions. Strangely enough for a ceanothus, this one is a deciduous shrub.