Monday, June 21, 2010

Last Weeks Harvest and Cedar Waxwing

We had a wonderful Father's Day weekend and hope that goes for you as well. Additionally, we celebrated our granddaughter's birthday. Megan, we cannot believe you are 11 years old!

Last Weeks Harvest

1.5 lbs Zucchini BlackBeauty
2.8 lb Cabbage Stonehead
o.4 lbs Asparagus
0.5 young Walla Walla Sweet Onions
2.6 lbs Potatoes

Good things are happening in the garden: most of the tomatoes have blossoms, a few fruits, and are clamoring for sunshine (they are supposed to get it this week); one beautiful and compact head of cabbage was picked; the Sugar Snap peas are forming lots of blossoms and rather than pick the few nice peas that were hanging on the vines and take them to the house, we decided to simply enjoy them right there while working in the garden; the wild kale just keeps giving; several of the broccoli Graffiti are in the almost stage. What a beautiful color!

Unusual occurrences: Our Early Wonder beets have begun to bolt sans anything to show for it underground; the leaves of cauliflower Bishop and cabbage Red Acre are robust while the formation of heads is minimal; half of our kohlrabi plants died while the other look about ready to pick. Potato vines on three more pots have died, and although there is not a large amount, it still brings a smile as to their loveliness. We cannot ascertain the failure of some of these potatoes growing in pots, but I do know that those in the ground, the Yukon Golds and red potatoes we have not planted for three years, continue to excel. Hm. Clearly, the shift in our weather has contributed to some of these occurrences.

And just as I was about to push the send button, this striking Cedar waxwing appeared for just a few moments. Again, somewhat unusual to see it here so early in the season.