Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Honey, Honey

Until I lived in the Pacific Northwest never did I realize that honey isn't just honey and that there are several hundred different types. Normally, Clover is the source for most found in grocery stores.

We always seek 100% pure, raw, unfiltered honey, and last evening was an exciting experience for us as we discovered two new flavors, and they are as distinct in taste as in their color. (If you are buying locally, be sure to ask if you are to bring your own jars.)

Gathered by bees in blackberry patches this Blackberry Honey (left) is a deep coppery color and richly flavored, and I'll probably use that one in my Bran Muffins.

A most unusual variety and what appears to be a rare one is the Fireweed and Pumpkin Blossom (center), a beautiful deep amber that is thick, rich and with a unique and slightly spicy flavour. The lady said "either you like it or you don't". Well we did... and have never tasted anything quite like it.

Have you ever heard of Poison Oak Honey? Neither had we. It is said to have medicinal purposes that has cured some of their poison oak allergy. Since I am highly allergic (of course my "honey" hubby is not allergic to much), I doubled up on it. (wink) She offered, a teaspoon in my black tea in the morning and one in green tea in the afternoon.

Note: Should your honey crystallize, place it in a container of hot water for 20-30 minutes, stirring on occasion. Do not boil. The unprocessed honey tends to resist crystallization longer.

And how can one say Honey, Honey without thinking of
the wonderful production of Mamma Mia