Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beginning Fall Color

As a gentle stroke of morning sun begins to paint the quiescent landscape, the phormium, white fir and 'Swane's Golden' Italian cypress are first defined...

and with a broader brush the expanse revealed.

I must admit to * redoing another area of the garden: the mound, as we call it, situated outside one of the large windows in the studio and that serves as the central spoke in the garden, is positioned just behind Carrie and the coral bark maple. (* for another discussion)

To add to the birds' winter delight, the Rosa rugosas have formed their winter's rose hip, and

planted neither for the delicate pink summer flowers nor the foliage, but for this fall showing, Callicarpa bodinieri 'Profusion' is aptly named for its abundance of somewhat pearlescent purple clusters.

This six foot shrub will soon shed its leaves and allow the drupes (berries) to shimmer and reign in the garden. A native of China, it was named for Emile Marie Bodinier, a French missionary who first collected and introduced it to Europe.