Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Little Scotch

Our evening walks in the garden are beginning earlier this time of year, and as the sun no longer wraps its rays around us, a nice sweater or jacket is in order.

For years our ritual has been to stroll casually with a glass of wine in hand, but of late we have opted for a vodka martini with a couple of olives, followed by a glass of wine with dinner. Tonight will be different.

Several nights ago we spoke of having a little scotch for a change. . . a warming touch for the cooler nights. And I can still remember my first taste. . . in fact it was my first drink. My date suggested I have it with a little soda and so I did. Now I cannot verify, but I believe it may have been Glenlivet, and it wasn't too bad.

Over the years I have tried a variety of scotch, and with having traveled to Scotland, there was an opportunity to taste many fine ones, namely Oban, Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie. . . And, a little Glen Ford has always been to my liking! ;)

But it so happens that what is available this evening is Macallan 12. Hm, I had forgotten: beautiful amber color, a little sweetness, smooth and full flavored, like a good wine, and with a very pleasant smoky finish.

But, so as not to forget about the garden, let me share these evening treats with you.

So very special is this radiant and bright yellow David Austin rose, 'Graham Thomas', a very upright specimen, still heavily laden with blossoms, and that decided to lovingly lean into the laburnum for a little extra support.

As the pampas catches the final glow, I wish you a pleasant evening, and here is a toast to a few friends who are also known to enjoy their Mac. . .

Prost. . . Luggy, Rocky, and Dick!