Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vegetable Garden Cleanup

Today we will be one with the vegetable garden, cleaning up and gathering what may be left of the fresh produce, for unwittingly I did not anticipate this early morning to be at 36 degrees. Yuk! I was relishing in the cooler daytime temperatures but not a plunge into cold.

At this point the fresh tomatoes are relatively considered 'history', and we will pick the green ones available. Surely we can salvage the eggplant, peppers and a few more zucchini, squash and cucumbers. More apples will be plucked from the trees and placed in cold storage along with the potatoes and onions. So my work has been defined for the day.

Happily, the electricity should not be interrupted as there are no workmen here. Oh, I guess I didn't tell you that we are having a generator installed and that has required a revamping of the electrical system.

Usually once or twice a year, the power upon which we rely (100%) is interrupted, and consequently we cannot cook, run water, shower (a most unpleasant thought), as all comes to a halt. Several years ago we were without for 5 days and of course lost everything in our refrigerator and freezer.

It seems that the substantial number of Douglas Fir trees in the Pacific northwest cause most of the interruption during the winter and early spring months. The shallow root base, soggy grounds and winds will find these towering monsters taking down power lines throughout the region. We always hope and pray that we will be the first to have our power restored, but sadly so our area is generally on the tail end of the crew's priorities.

I say let the winds blow. Oops... not yet. Let us first see the completion of the plan.