Monday, August 3, 2009

Alaska, Day 4, Haines

20JUL09 Last night we continued our northerly voyage, passing through Chatham Strait, and this morning were now into Lynn Canal, North America's longest fjord and which is actually an inlet. Seated on the starboard side while having breakfast, Ray pointed out an actual divide in the water, where the milky-gray glacial water and blue ocean water meet... quite an amazing thing to witness.

The fog traveled with the speed of the ship. Mountains towered above us. Donna pointed to the meadows, large green areas appearing to hang vertically upon sheer cliffs.

This from inside the dining room

A climb to the upper Sports Deck offered a different view.

By 9:30 a.m. we had arrived at Haines, a mining supply and fishing port nestled at the base of Chilkat Pass and home of the Chilkat and Clikoot Tlingit. Population: approximately 2000.

Donna and I decided to stay on board while the boyz went to explore. Actually I think she did it in sympathy for me and a bum knee I developed over the past week. We kept an eye on them, and they knew not that we were watching. (wink)

I sat on the deck and read while enjoying the refreshing cool breeze and sun which broke through the cloud-covered mountains.

Casual dining once again in the Lido and what appeared to be leftovers from the previous night's menu, but more importantly we were relaxed and enjoying the positioning of the lone small boat beneath us as the sail was lowered and the occupants motored into shore.

The fog had once again captured the mountain top and began seeping down toward the inlet. Two eagles soared overhead. Such calm and quiet beauty... pristine is the word.

Tonight we undock at 9:30 and head toward Juneau. Continue to Alaska, Day 5, Juneau