Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oriental Lilies

I took a little break from my Alaska journal and the review of over 550 photos. Thus far 100 have been deleted, but as you know the selection and editing process takes much time.

Yesterday I found my way into the kitchen to replenish our supply of bran muffins after having purchased some fresh Oregon blueberries at the Saturday Market. Last month I used the last of our apples (for muffins) that we had stored in the refrigerator in airtight bags since last fall. It is amazing how well they have kept.

Our forecast has been calling for rain the past three days, but the threatening dark clouds yield to sun in late afternoon. One nice thing is that this is an excellent opportunity to photograph some of the flowers that are in bloom.

Neither a bird nor butterfly is to be seen, but pervasive are the fragrant and beautiful Oriental lilies throughout the garden, from the crimson 'Star Gazer' and 'Blushing Pink'... to the snow white and wonderful 'Casa Blanca'.