Sunday, August 2, 2009

Alaska, Day 2, At Sea

18JUL09 We awakened to this beautiful morning as we continued through the Canadian waterway and toward Ketchikan...

and we would do so, and through narrow passageways, until about 2 a.m. (the 19th) at which time we would again enter the U.S. waters, according to the captain, and following, the accompanying navigational Canadian personnel would depart the ship and Alaskan pilots would embark to help guide through the inland passage toward the Tongass narrows.

An overcast and foggy day ensued with a 59 degree temperature, and a day conducive to reading, relaxing and even a little exercise. This evening would be the first of two formal nights this week. Nine years ago, formal meant a tux, but a coat and tie were now what the majority wore, and to our liking.

Today we passed through the Tolmie and Grenville Channels.

8:35 p.m. and all is well.

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