Thursday, November 19, 2009

BackUp Your Blog

I was visiting Autumn Belle's blog, My Nice Garden, and was reminded as to the importance of backing up our hard work. We have so much time invested in taking photographs, editing, selecting and writing the words, laying it all out, comments and exchanges between us... only to find it disappear. What a horrific moment.

Exporting (backing up) your blog is a simple task:

1) Sign into your blog
2) Go to the Settings tab
3) Under Basic and Blog Tools, click on Export blog, then Download, and Save file

That's it... it has now been saved on your hard file. And should you not be able to find it once you have downloaded it, go to Start on your desktop, to Search, select Documents, type in .xml into the blank, hit Search, and it should pop up immediately.

Periodically update the file and should you ever move to another format for blogging, there it is ready to import. Any further instruction, simply go here regarding Imports and Exports.

Autumn Belle, thank you, for that was a reminder to backup my blog again.

P.S. And don't forget to backup your computer system on at least a weekly basis. External hard drives are quite inexpensive, and it saves a whole lot of heartache.