Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

James Missier of Garden Chronicles has extended this Honest Scrap Award, one that asks that you tell 10 things about yourself. Honestly, this was not a simple task, and especially when talking about oneself does not come naturally. Nonetheless, thank you James for thinking of me and allowing us to get to know you better and for being such a kind and thoughtful gentleman. We get to see some of Malaysia through your eyes.


- Post 10 truths about oneself
- Pass the award to 10 others (with their links)
- Include the link of the person (in my case James) who honored you with the award

1) Having grown up in coal country, I come from a very humble background. My mother, siblings and I lived with my grandmother (who immigrated to the U.S. in 1911) for a number of years, until I graduated from high school.

2) My strong work ethic, appreciation of what I have achieved, a waste-not attitude, and vegetable garden come from that upbringing. Having worked my way throughout my school years, I know that accomplishments come from ones own efforts, and we must work for what we get. From a very early age, I learned personal responsibility.

3) Married to the most wonderful man and my best friend, we have 5 beautiful adult children, plus 2 daughters-in-law, a son-in-law, and 3 delightful grandchildren.

4) Having studied painting and sculpture in graduate school, I will admit to having not done a painting in over 20 years, but my husband always says the garden we created has been my canvas the past 16 years.

5) The last thing I ever want to do is go shopping, especially for clothing. My husband has to drag me. Casual, comfortable wear and being in our garden is my preference, and the birds and bees seem to like it.

6) One of my favorite mother’s day gifts was a load of manure from my hubby. (and there should be no puns from my friend Rosey Pollen at Dung Hoe ;)

7) When we moved to our current home, after having a dog, several horses, cats…, my husband said he was now the only animal I could have. ;) Interesting that the neighbor's cat adopted us, and it was not I who would feed it. (Sadly, Figaro is gone.)

8) Some of my favorite plants are the ornamental grasses which we have planted throughout our landscape. Can you believe I am allergic to grass pollens?

9) Although I love the clean ocean air (the medicine that clears my head) and am fearful of heights (unless there is some kind of railing), atop a mountaintop is where I always love to be… guess that’s the ‘goat’ in me.

10) Part of my philosophy of life: We are where we want to be, and the present moment is the only moment.

Some of the folks that immediately came to mind for this award have already been tagged, but there are so many more from whom I would like to learn. Should you chose not to participate, I totally understand as it was not a quick and easy task and our time is limited. If you can participate, great, and if not, great! but I still recognize the following.

Dorothy of Counting My Blessings stays young in love and is a kind and gentle kindred spirit.

Grace of Gardening With Grace, is a Master Gardner here in the Pacific Northwest, and if you have not, you must see her beautiful garden site.

Kanak, Terrafarmer, has such a wonderful appreciation of nature and allows me to visit India through her eyes.

Laura of Laura's Paris Cooking Notebook cooks and travels and lives in Paris! How can one not love that vicarious experience?

Les, A Tidewater Gardener, an unapologetic plant geek, he writes, always offers fantastic photographs of landscapes he visits.

So often Mildred, Mildred's Menagerie, takes us back in time and reminds me of many nostalgic and warm memories.

Don't you just love the title, Mutterings In The Shrubbery? Rob always offers beautiful photos of flowers and foliage from across the pond.

Randy and Meg's Garden Paradise has the most remarkable photographs of butterflies and dragonflies as I have ever seen!

Thomas, A Growing Tradition, followed his heart and is quite an inspiration!

Titiana, Yesterday Today and Tomorrow in My Garden gives us her wonderful perspective from down under. What a way to travel. Thank you.

I hope you find something from each of these fine folks.