Saturday, November 21, 2009

End Of The Line

I thought I'd throw my hat (photo) in the ring and have fun with this.

Wonderful photos from many participants await your viewing at Gardening Gone Wild and the Picture This Photo Contest for November. Judging this month's event is Joshua McCullough, creator of PhytoPhoto, a specialist collection of expertly identified botanical, horticultural and environment photos.

Joshua suggests images may be presented metaphorically... as well as showing the end of this year’s garden... photos can be interpreted literally using lines as strong components... or best symbolic use of the theme... but photos combining both interpretations will receive the highest commendation.

Share with me your photos that say the season has come to the END OF THE LINE.”

So here is my go at it:

Summers are hot and dry in this area of the Pacific northwest, and skies are devoid of clouds, thus we recognize the end of the line, not just when the surrounding landscape changes color and leaves fall to the earth's surface, but as the rains begin and energy is transferred from the valley's floor to dynamic skies.

Ground fog manifests from ever increasing rainfall and these dramatic sky formations reflect a change in season. And metaphorically the gradational tone and lines of the landscape, the sun's rays and cloudscape... all converge to the end of the day.