Monday, February 22, 2010

Busy Weekend and Anna's Hummingbird

We hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was jam-packed as the weather participated and offered clear blue skies, and with a slight chill to the air the conditions allowed us to pretty well wear ourselves out.

More seeds were started indoors: a mild Mesclun, yellow squash, zucchini, bush beans, Sadie's Horse Beans, Fordhook baby limas; directly sown outdoors were three kinds of spinach, Walla Walla sweets and some Musselburgh Leeks, although the latter has a little greenhouse structure my husband built to protect them.

We trimmed some trees; cut and stacked firewood; more roses were cut back as well as other shrubs - barberry, spiraea - and we planted a few things around the greenhouse, plants we dug up (volunteers) and potted last year in anticipation of giving them away. But, since no one had claimed them so far, I found a spot!

The birds were loving it as well:
the Spotted Towhee partook of the Caryopterus seed heads.

Another (the Chickadee) was celebrating the weekend with a bath.

I was covered in pollen as I cleaned leaves from beneath Corylus avellana. The female workers were there as were the lingering female blossoms.

This evening while posting this, we had a beautiful visitor which I wanted to share with you... Anna's Hummingbird. Look at those delicate and tiny feet! and it wouldn't take its eye off me. Didn't it know that all I wanted to do was take his picture?