Monday, February 15, 2010

Growing Potatoes In Pots

I don't know about you, but this morning I am excited as the sun threatens to burn through this fog and with a forecast of 60 degrees F, I am headed for the garden. Although there is a chance of precipitation tomorrow, the forecast for the remainder of the week is as today's.

On Saturday I directly sowed spinach, lettuce, carrots and two varieties of radishes in our raised beds; made seed mats for our Walla Walla sweets and Musselburgh leeks that will be planted in the main garden, although with a small cold frame to help them along. I also got most of the seed potatoes (I wrote about here) dealt with - another use for all those nursery pots that we have stored over the years.

Chitting: After I received my order of seed potatoes, they were placed in a cool (about 50 degrees F) sunny location for nearly two weeks. The natural light and coolness allowed them to produce short sturdy buds. Chitting or sprouting is the process of forcing the potatoes to produce buds and therefore an earlier harvest. Rather than put them in the ground we decided to give this process a go. I think it is a wonderful way of growing them and especially would be for those who might have limited space for vegetable gardening. For more information on chitted potatoes, go here.

And now I am heading to sow more vegetable seeds. Have a great one.