Sunday, May 31, 2009

Final Maple Planted

We planted another tree today, the final one of six we purchased last fall at a half price sale. The others had been placed in the ground last year with the exception of this maple, for we could not decide where was the best spot. This morning that decision was finally made.

Outside my studio window is a small intimate area with a bench which rests upon a bed of Scottish moss and along the perimeter is a combination of a delicate spiraea, lavender, small ornamental grasses, and a weeping cherry... one of the first trees we planted 15 years ago. The springtime brings on its charm with the soft pink blossoms upon the graceful arching branches, but following that brief period, it has been an irritant and nuisance for the past 7 or 8 years.

For reason unknown, part of the branches begin to die and each time I threaten to remove the tree. Additionally, the root system sends up suckers in all directions. We trim the dead branches, attempt to pull up the suckers, and with that the tree begins to look as if it is on the mend. I have been coerced as another year goes by.

Well, finally! This morning as we peered outside the window, a huge section of the tree had lost it's leaves. Yep, you're outta here.

Just to the side of the cherry and as close as possible to dig a large enough hole, we planted the final of the six. The cherry has not been removed (that's for anther time), but my husband did saw off a large section of the branching in order to allow the maple to do its thing.

Granted this is not the time of year to be planting, but it is better in the ground and in my daily view than a black pot. It looks pretty content right now and although it will take years for it to put on any significance size, we can wait.